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LESSEN Services Guide:
Consulting: Clients can learn more about equipment information from sales specialists and engineers to achieve the best fit for the equipment being soldered.
Send samples: with the salesman to determine after the purchase of welding samples sent to allow technicians to create the most suitable ultrasonic welding machine samples.
Test welding: According to the customer to provide welding samples, engineers will be based on customer needs and welding characteristics to create the most valuable equipment for trial welding, to adjust the welding machine performance.
Commissioning: Each unit will be rigorously tested and commissioned prior to shipment to meet all customer requirements and requirements.
Installation: To help customers to install and debug to the best condition, the engineer will personally teach customers to use and maintain equipment.
Feedback: Actively monitor the usage of equipment sold and collect opinions and suggestions from various sectors in order to improve work and equipment performance.
We adhering to the "quality assurance, customer first" principle, and dedication to users solve all kinds of practical difficulties and problems, in addition to efforts to provide quality and cheap conventional equipment, according to the requirements of users to develop a variety of related special equipment to help users Through the use of Raytheon ultrasonic plastic welding equipment to significantly improve labor productivity, so that the quality of the product can be reliably guaranteed.
Raytheon service commitment:
Company services: To provide users with all kinds of plastic and metal welding technical advisory services; Free trial welding samples for users; Free training for the user units of the operator; To customers processing (bulk); According to user requirements design and manufacture Specific uses, special specifications of all kinds of special plastic and metal welding equipment and keep its trade secrets.
1, the user to buy the machine equipment within one year free warranty. (Except for non-normal use and some wearing parts)
2, the user to buy the mold, warranty for three months. (Depending on complexity)
3, for all sold equipment, molds to provide life-long maintenance services.
4, the user fails, the city (district), arrived within 24 hours of repair. Non-regional response within 48 hours.
5, according to the need to replace the ultrasonic mold repair, will provide the best price.