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Product quality assurance system
LESSEN  has established a set of strict compliance with national industry standards and ISO9001 quality management certification series as the basis for scientific and efficient operation of the product quality assurance system.
Quality policy
Quality assurance, advanced technology, steady development, customer satisfaction
Quality goal
1, the product of a pass inspection pass rate of ≥ 95%
2, customer satisfaction ≥ 90%
Organizational security
Establish quality control department. Equipped with experienced quality control personnel on the procurement of components and the final product of rigorous testing and quality control.
Quality assurance system elements
In strict accordance with the basic elements of quality assurance system design, manufacturing, testing and delivery of the entire process of control and management.
1, the design process control
2, the procurement process control
3, the production process control
4, inspection and test control
5, packaging, protection, delivery control
Service Quality Assurance System
NIKE Ultrasound upholds the "beyond customer expectations" service concept, set up a set of close to the user, rapid response service quality assurance system.
Service Content
1, we emphasize the service, with high quality service instead of marketing;
2, we provide customers with design reference, product technical guidance, on-site installation, commissioning, renovation of old projects;
3, set up customer service hotline, collect the first information and immediately feedback the technical problems in the use of products;
4, your smile is the goal of our service.
Equipment warranty
1, After the equipment is debugged and qualified, the warranty period of the machine will be one year. During the warranty period, all the accidents and equipment damage caused by non-human factors will be recovered by Party B free of charge. The mold part of the warranty will be replaced within three months if not damaged within three months.
2, any quality problems occurred during the warranty period, Party B must complete the relevant repairs within a week and the normal operation of equipment, the supplier assumes all maintenance costs.
After-sales service
1, Party B shall ensure the lifelong supply of equipment components and provide it to Party A at the best price;
2, After the equipment is delivered and used, if the equipment fails during the warranty period, Party B shall give a reply within 4 hours upon receipt of the call and repair to the scene within 48 hours if necessary;
3, within the warranty period, Party B for two or three months to Party A telephone return or on-site visits, after the expiration of shelf life, Party B to the scene at least one visit within one year, found that Party A in operation and maintenance problems, Party B Party A should be promptly put forward suggestions for improvement.