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ZX7-315LS inverter dc manual arc welding machine

  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
Model ZX7-315LS
Input Power Voltage(V) 220V/380V±15%
Rated Input Voltage(V) 12.5
Frequency (Hz) 20
No-load Voltage (V) 62
Load Duty Cycle (%) 60
Current Range (A) 0-315
Electrode Diameter (Φ) 1.6-4.0
Efficiency (%) 80
Insulation Grade F
Weight (kg) 11.55
Dimension (mm) 420*225*310

*Lightweight, suitable for the decoration and maintenance industry.

*Single tube IGBT inverter technology, low power consumption, high  efficiency, low noise, good anti-interference performance, arc  stability.

*Strong resistance to grid fluctuations, wide range of adaptation.
*This series uses constant power control and stable output.

*Suitable for acid, alkaline and other types of welding rod, all position  welding.

*Applicable to all types of carbon steel welding and welding rod of  less than 3.2mm diameter.

*Has perfect overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature, over  current and overload automatic protection function, safe and reliable.