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ZX7-400A Inverter Mine Welders

  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
  • input current (V): 380V/660V
  • rated input current (A): 28/21
  • inverter frequency (HZ): 23
  • no-load voltage (V): 58/75
  • load duration (%): 60
  • current regulation range (A): 0-400
  • electrode diameter (PHI): 1.6-4.0
  • efficiency (%): 80
  • insulation class: F
  • weight (KG): 13.5
  • outline size (mm): 480*280*380

* Use IGBT high power module and full-bridge inverter main circuit structure; the main engine with superior resistance to overloads and with ourstanding welding performance.

* Core control chip is the new-style current pulse width modulator; double loop feedback control; the more excellent static and dynamic characteristics; the smaller current drift.

* The digital table can preset welding current and the accuracy is ±1A.

* With the arc force adjustment function, and adapt to all grades of welding electrodes.

* The power factor is 0.98; the power consumption with no-load is less than 100W; it can save above 50% energy more than ordinary welding machines.

* Short-current protection function and the special standby operating circuit; it will not damage the welding machine's life while no-load, and the whole welding machine's life is one time longer than similar products.

* Suitable for coal mine workings.