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  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
  • input current (V):
  • rated input current (A):
  • inverter frequency (HZ):
  • no-load voltage (V):
  • load duration (%):
  • current regulation range (A):
  • cutting thickness (mm):
  • efficiency (%): >/li>
  • insulation class:
  • weight (KG):
  • outline size (mm):
· adopts phase shifted full bridge inverter main circuit, and the whole machine has high reliability
· user-friendly design, simple operation, cutting current accurate pre display
· high frequency arc starting, easy to arc
·, digital display head, cutting power supply, accurate preset
· delay gas stopping function, effectively protect welding torch
· has self lock / non automatic cutting function, it can match automatic cutting
· cutting arc stable, cutting speed, incision smooth, small deformation, save material
· can be cut stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper and other metal