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The ws-250s argon arc welder

  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
  • input current (V):
  • rated input current (A):
  • inverter frequency (HZ):
  • no-load voltage (V):
  • load duration (%):
  • current regulation range (A):
  • arc starting mode:
  • efficiency (%): >/li>
  • insulation class:
  • weight (KG):
  • outline size (mm):
· arc current digital reality (WS-200A WS-250 does not apply) just reliable
· automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation of power grid, strong capability of anti grid fluctuation,
· adopts advanced inverter technology, one machine and many functions. It is suitable for manual arc welding of various metal argon arc welding machines
· easy arc starting, stable welding current, fast dynamic response, no noise, small splash, no magnetic deviation, beautiful weld formation,
·, stable and reliable work, high efficiency, energy saving, small size, light weight, easy to carry,
· suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and other metal welding,