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ZX7-200A Inverter mine welding machine

  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
  • input current (V):220V±15%
  • rated input current (A):8.8
  • inverter frequency (HZ):
  • no-load voltage (V):62
  • load duration (%):60
  • current regulation range (A):0-200
  • electrode diameter (PHI):1.6-3.2
  • efficiency (%):80
  • insulation class:F
  • weight (KG):5.15
  • outline size (mm):340*165*300

*Light can be obtained at any place, suitable for decoration and maintenance industry.
*Single-tube IGBT inverter technology, low power consumption, high frequency, high efficiency, low noise, good anti-jamming, stable arc ignition.
*Anti-electric net fluctuation ability to adapt to a wide range.
*This series uses constant power control, output stability.
*Application of acidic, alkaline and other types of welding, full-position welding.
*Suitable for various types of carbon steel welding and diameter less than 3mm following welding.
*It has perfect over-voltage, under-voltage, over temperature, over current and overload automatic protection function, safe and reliable.