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ZX7-400A inverter electric welding machine

  • Product parameter
  • Performance characteristics
  • input current (V): 380V/660V
  • rated input current (A): 28/21
  • inverter frequency (HZ): 23
  • no-load voltage (V): 58/75
  • load duration (%): 60
  • current regulation range (A): 0-400
  • electrode diameter (PHI): 1.6-4.0
  • efficiency (%): 80
  • insulation class: F
  • weight (KG): 13
  • outline size (mm): 480 * 280 * 380
Using high-power IGBT, full bridge inverter main circuit structure, the host has superior anti overload ability and superior welding performance, more than 500A models can be used as an ideal carbon planer power supply
core control chip is a new type of current pulse regulator, double closed loop feedback control, better static and dynamic characteristics, power drift with small
digital display, it is easy to preset welding current, accuracy ± 1A
has the arc thrust adjustment function, applies to all grades of welding rod
power factor 0.98, no-load power consumption < 100W, energy-saving than ordinary welding machine more than 50%,
has short circuit protection function and unique standby circuit, and the life of non destructive welding machine is zero. The life of the whole machine is more than twice as long as that of similar products.
suitable for coal mine site operation