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Importance of inspection in automatic weldingInspection before welding includes

Inspection before welding includes inspection of raw material (such as base material, welding rod, welding flux, etc.), inspection of welding structure design, etc..
2) inspection during welding
Including inspection of welding procedure specification, inspection of weld size, clamping condition and structure, inspection of assembly quality, etc..
3) inspection of finished products after welding
There are many ways to check the finished products after welding:
(1) appearance inspection
The appearance inspection of welded joints is a simple and widely used inspection method. It is an important content in the inspection of finished products, mainly to find the defects on the weld surface and the deviations in size. Generally inspected by the unaided eye, using standard templates, gauges, and magnifying glasses. If there is a defect on the weld surface, there may be some defects in the weld.
(2) compactness test
A weld container for storing liquids or gases, such as through cracks, pores, slag inclusions, welds, and loose structures, can be found by tightness tests. The test methods of compactness include kerosene test, water loading test and water flushing test.
(3) strength test of pressure vessel
In addition to the tightness test, the pressure vessel shall be subjected to strength test. There are two kinds of water pressure test and atmospheric pressure test. They all test the pressure.