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The advantages and development trends of multifunctional welding machines and we

Automation, intelligent has become the pursuit of modern production in all walks of life, welding also toward the direction of automation, it has been widely used in industrial production, then what are its advantages? The following Tairuiwo will take you into the world of automatic welding equipment, automatic welding equipment for in-depth understanding of the mysteries and equipment advantages.
Automatic welding equipment is a general term for welding. It is divided into two kinds: arc and submerged arc. First is the bright arc. The welding technology has the advantages of high production efficiency, high welding quality and stability. The arc burns under the welding layer, the heat loss is very little, and the energy consumption will be reduced correspondingly. Therefore, it can save the consumption of materials and electricity, and meet the low carbon requirement advocated by the state. This welding technique when the smoke is small, no arc, so it can effectively improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity, at the same time for some submerged arc welding where it can be welded easily, effortlessly. Another is the submerged arc welding process, the welding technology of mechanization and automation, is an important development of modern welding technology, it not only marks the production efficiency and better welding quality and higher production but also greatly improved the working conditions, efficient completion of welding work.
Welding technology has been developed for several hundred years, but the technical level of development, the development of technology in our country is still far better than some large enterprises abroad, so we have a lot of space, but the domestic trend is? Tyrevo will tell you about it.
1, welding equipment is fully automated, digital, intelligent, welding equipment is an important direction of development.
2, the development of new industries continues to promote the development of welding technology. The welding technology from invention to now has a history of several hundred years, it can meet the requirements of industrial production, but some new enterprise development still continue to promote the development of welding technology, processing needs them again and again is a challenge for welding technology promotion.
3, the research and development of heat source has fundamentally promoted the development of welding technology. Welding technology uses almost all the heat sources that can be used in the world, including flame, arc, etc. every heat source in history is accompanied by the technical upgrading of welding process.
4, energy conservation requirements, the perfect welding equipment is also a challenge. Welding equipment energy consumption is a huge thing as everyone knows, in the energy less today, such a time in our lives in countless times, therefore, energy conservation is an important development direction of welding technology to improve the.