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Welding shock measures

The electric shock accident when welding is divided into two cases, one is direct electric shock accident, contact the charged body welding equipment or near the normal operation of the high voltage power network and electrical equipment occurred; two is the indirect shock, which hit accident occurred in shock charged body. Accidental charged body is
A conductor that is normally charged and insulated due to insulation damage or electrical equipment failure.
Measures to prevent electric shock welding
(1) do a good job in welding and cutting operation personnel training, so that they can do the certificates and put an end to unlicensed welding and cutting operations.
(2) the welder should not wear in operation with nails or cloth shoes. Insulating gloves shall not be shorter than 300mm, and shall be made of soft leather or canvas. The electrode arc welding work clothes are canvas work clothes, and the argon arc welding work clothes are wool or leather work clothes.
(3) welding and cutting equipment should have good isolation protection device. A protective cover is arranged at the end of the outer part of the extending box, and a device with a bolt hole joint shall be provided, and the conductor of the plug hole shall be concealed in the plane of the insulating board.
(4) when replacing electrodes or welding wires, welders must use welders' gloves, which require that the welders' gloves be kept dry and reliable. For the welding operation with no load voltage and higher welding voltage and when operating in a humid environment, the welder shall use an insulating rubber gasket to ensure that the welder is insulated from the weldment
. Especially in hot summer weather, because the body is sweaty and the clothes are wet, you should not lean on the weldment and the worktable.
(5) the welding and cutting equipment shell, the electric appliance control box shell, etc. shall be provided with protective earthing or protective zero connection device.
(6) when metal structures are welded in metal containers or in small work sites, special protection must be used, such as insulating rubber pads, insulating shoes and insulating gloves, to protect the welder's body from the live body.
(7) change of welding and cutting equipment, welding joint replacement after the two loop when the need to change the place of work, replace the fuse, transfer, welding and cutting equipment failure to repair, must cut off the power supply in the rear can. Push and pull the knife switch, must wear insulated gloves, at the same time
The head needs to be deflected.
(8) in light dark environment, we must use portable working lamp, general environment, lighting voltage is not more than 36V. The lighting voltage shall not exceed 12V in hazardous environments such as humidity and metal containers.
(9) the welding and cutting equipment shall be provided with an independent electric control box, and the box shall be provided with fuses, overload protection switches, leakage protection devices and automatic power-off devices.
(10) the installation, inspection and repair of welding and cutting equipment must be carried out by a licensed electrician, and the welder shall not inspect and repair welding and cutting equipment himself